How exactly does “FAT” leave your body?

Understanding how fat leaves the body was never really a concern of mine. All I focused on was shedding the pounds. However, in my opinion, I believe the more you understand, the more patience and acceptance you will acquire. In addition, I also understood the changes my body was going through and why these changes were happening. When researching how fat leaves the body, I discovered that it leaves the body in the form of carbon dioxide and water. I found this to be very interesting because I started to realize the versatility of the body. Let’s get into it:

Carbon Dioxide

This one was hard for me to believe, AT FIRST.  However, after countless hours of research, I found this to be extremely interesting.  One-way fat leaves the body is in the form of carbon dioxide.  What exactly does that mean?  It’s simple, you’re BREATHING out fat.  According to researchers, 84% of fat is exhaled through carbon dioxide.  Taking a deeper look into how fat is exhaled through carbon dioxide, I found that the fat breaks down in many ways during the fat burning process.  According to scientist, the atoms that fats are made of remains in the body after the fat burning process.  Most of these remains are exhaled from the body as carbon dioxide.  


Yup, you read right! Another way fat is leaving the body is in the form of water. Water leaves the body in many different forms. These forms consist of urine, feces, sweat, tears or other bodily fluids. So, while 84% of fat is leaving the body as carbon dioxide, the remaining 16% becomes water.

The Takeaway

Most of the fat we lose is being exhaled through carbon dioxide. The more carbon dioxide you exhale, the more fat you’re getting rid of. Therefore, to exhale more carbon dioxide, one must work their muscles more. By doing cardiovascular exercises and / or strength training, your body is increasing the carbon dioxide you’re exhaling. Everything we put in our body goes to our bloodstream and organs. The more physical activity you add to your lifestyle, more fat cells are broken down into carbon dioxide and water to be released from the body. In addition, it was found that a person loses at least 200 grams of carbon dioxide in their sleep.

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