The BEST Ways To Lose Weight

Losing weight or managing weight can be a short lived dream or a lifestyle, depending on YOU. I’ve struggled with losing weight for many years before actually having a successful weight loss journey. I had to come to terms with myself about a lot of things in my life because I was my biggest enemy. I eventually started to take an interest in my body in terms of my health. Before I was able to concentrate on becoming healthy, I had to mentally adjust the way I viewed many things. It started with accepting the fact I had a problem. Once that problem was acknowledged, I became determined to change. Once my mind was made up to make that change and start living healthy, I just needed to be consistent. Check out my other article titled “3 Things I Had To “ACQUIRE” In Order To Lose Weight.” This article goes into more detail of how acceptance, determination and consistency got me on the right path. Outside of my mentality, I have found the best ways for losing weight for myself.

Having A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet seems like common sense, right? But what I have found is, the type of diet needed for successful weight loss may differ for each individual. If you are familiar with my journey thus far, you should know I have loss well over 150 pounds on the keto diet. The keto diet was easy for me and it really motivated me to continue. With this being said, a healthy diet should be tailored to an individuals preference. In addition, everything is not for everyone and everyone’s journey will be different. In contrast, if an individual feel as though something that is working for others may work for them and it will keep them consistent with the process, I say GO FOR IT! Losing weight became a simple process for me because eating a healthy diet brought me excitement. I didn’t dread the fact of eating healthy. Instead, I was excited to try new recipes by substituting unhealthy food options with healthier food options. Prior to the start of my healthy diet, I never really enjoyed grocery shopping. It wasn’t until I started searching for healthier ingredients that made grocery shopping fun for me. I was always happy to look for new items to try. Overall, a healthy diet is one of the best ways to lose weight. Finding a diet that you enjoy and that will help you be consistent will bring you success with losing weight.

Having A Workout Plan

Having a workout plan is just as important as having a healthy diet. The difference between the diet and the workout plan is the workout plan needs to constantly change. During my journey, my workout plans always varied. In the beginning, I was doing lots of cardio. After losing over 100 pounds, I began to focus on strength training. Cardio was fun because it kept me moving. My favorite type of cardio was and still is bike riding and jump roping. The good thing about cardio is, I was burning calories as I did my cardio routine. Strength training is different. Strength training consist of a lot of controlled movements. It took days for my muscles to recover after a strength training. However, I was burning calories days after my strength training sessions, even when I wasn’t doing strength training. This means I was burning more calories from strength training than I was from cardio. From my personal experience, I got a better result from strength training. But, strength training and cardio were both needed for my weight loss. Overtime, my muscles were getting bigger and my body was getting used to my workouts which often caused me to plateau. Although my diet remained the same, I had to constantly switch up my workouts to break my plateau for continuous growth. This being the reason why its important for a workout plan to constantly change. With my health being my priority, my workout plans became my hobby. A consistent workout schedule is definitely one of the best ways to lose weight.

Having Patience

Having patience is easier said than done in a world of “quick fixes.” Nothing happened overnight for me and in the beginning, I was a little impatient. I was constantly stepping on the scale and getting anxious to get to my goal weight. This behavior took me on a short lived downward spiral because I started to lose interest. Once my interest was gone, I lost my consistency and my motivation. See, my mental health really fueled my physical health. How I was feeling dictated my actions. My weight loss started getting better when I started being patient. Instead of thinking what my body would like in six (6) months from now, I started focusing on the foods I was eating during the day. Once I started concentrating on my journey one day at a time, I started to become motivated and determined again. I knew the weight would come off if I stay consistent with my diet and workout plan. Once I was tired of giving up myself, my lifestyle completely change. Patience is a major factor for weight loss.

Thank You

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit this site and reading the content. My goal is to talk about my personal experience with losing a drastic amount of weight, naturally. My intentions are to help, educate and motivate. If you enjoy the content found here, feel free to donate or subscribe to my email list. Again, thank you for taking time to stop by. Good day to you.

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