Keto: Carbs VS. Net Carbs

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The Keto Diet

When considering the Keto diet, there are many talks about carbs versus net carbs. I never really knew the difference between carbs and net carbs. In addition, I never really had an interest in the difference between the two. Carbs and net carbs are the same thing in my opinion. When managing a keto diet, I have always taken into consideration the total carbs shown on the nutritional label. I’ve never really considered net carbs as an option in relation to carbs. In fact, research shows that net carbs are not an approved FDA representation of carbs. However, I found myself curious about the actual difference between carbs or net carbs.

Keto: Net Carbs

I found that net carbs are often considered the carbs that are absorbed by the body. The concept of net carbs is based on the difference in the way the body absorbs the carbs. Net carbs fully digested into glucose. These carbs quickly move through the digestive system. Net carbs are also considered “simple carbs.” In addition, the body does not usually absorb simple carbs as fat. Therefore; many people believe an individual will not gain much weight by eating simple carbs. Calculating net carbs are simple. Since total carbs are a combination of simple carbs and complex carbs, one has to be subtracted from the other. Complex carbs are not apart of net carbs. To calculate net carbs, you simply subtract the complex carbs from the total carbs.

Keto: Carbs

The body absorbs many complex carbs as fat because it takes longer for complex carbs to digest. Complex carbs are carbs such as starches and refined sugars. Once the body fills glucose stores with simple carbs, the remaining carbs are then stored as fat, during digestion. When looking at a nutritional label, the carb description represents the total carbs in a serving. The total carbs equals simple carbs plus complex carbs. So being that the body absorbs many complex carbs as fat, an individual on a keto diet aims to limit the intake of complex carbs. By knowing the amount of net carbs in a food item, it can help distinguish how many carbs will be absorb by fat. The idea is to beable to enjoy higher carb foods that normally wouldn’t be an option for a keto diet.

My Opinion

I have been able to try a low carb diet along with a low net carb diet to see the difference in my weight loss. Being on a diet that focuses on the least amount of net carbs caused my weight to be stagnant. However, I have found that I lose more weight concentrating on the total cards being low versus subtracted net carbs from total carbs.

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