Hitting A Fitness PLATEAU…What to DO!?

First know, this is NOT a bad thing!

In my time, I’ve hit a plateau here and there. Before actually understanding what a plateau is and the cause of it, plateaus would discourage me. See, I used to be obsessed with the scale. I would often rate my level of success on whether I’ve lost weight or not. When I didn’t shed any pounds, I felt like I was failing myself. However, I quickly came to realize plateaus are NORMAL! It really took me some time to understand how amazing our bodies are and how they’re capable of adapting. I view fitness plateaus as being our body’s way of talking to us.

What exactly is a Fitness PLATEAU?

In regards to fitness, a plateau is a decrease in noticeable results from your fitness efforts. I quickly noticed little to no results after following the same workout routine overtime. Once my body adapted to a specific exercise, that exercise did not benefit me as much. So for me, this was devastating at first. I was discouraged and felt like giving up. But after spending hours researching and talking to fitness guru’s, I quickly learned I had to change what I was doing. The term I like to use is “shock” the body. I learned that if I wanted to see different results, I had to start doing something different.

This is why I NO LONGER hit fitness plateaus! 💪🏽

I’ve gotten into the habit of switching up my workouts every week. Whereas before, I would do the same workout for months at a time. I also now dedicate different days to different parts of my body. Before, everything I was doing was always total body workouts. I have certain days dedicated to working on my upper body and certain days dedicated to my lower body. I still repeat this cycle til this day.

However, I never do the same workouts longer than a WEEK! For a quick example, I would do lunges and squats for my lower body workout days and bicep curls and tricep extensions for my upper body workout days. I would finish my week doing the same exercises on alternating days.

The following week, I would NOT do lunges and squats for my lower body workout days. Instead, I’ll do something different like donkey kicks and leg raises. The same applies to my upper body. Because I did bicep curls and tricep extensions on my upper body workout days of the prior week, I would utilize different exercises for my upper body for the new week.

Now, this isn’t to say that I never repeat the same exercises. I eventually repeat exercises, I just do not spend more than a week at a time on one set of exercises. In reality, I’m constantly hitting my body with new workouts which has given me amazing results!

Normally, I would choose at least 6 exercises to do for my lower body workout days and 6 exercises to do for my upper body workout days. In addition, I do not focus on sets. I do A LOT of reps until my body tells me I need a break. I’ll take a break and come back to A LOT of reps of a different exercise. I repeat this cycle throughout my workout. I hope you’ve enjoy this blog. Please feel free to like or comment below. STAY HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

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