How to Lose Weight FAST

This was often a question I wanted an answer to! Prior to my successful weight loss, I was looking for any and every quick fix known to man. I’ve tried detox teas, many different diets, smoothies, different work out programs, buying expensive workout clothing, you name it! The only things I’ve never tried were weight loss pills or tablets claiming to help you lose weight. Besides that, I’ve made plenty attempts to lose weight fast prior to actually losing my weight! Now, people wonder if it’s really possible to lose weight fast. In my personal opinion, it ABSOLUTELY is! I’ve actually written an article explaining how I lost 15 pounds my FIRST WEEK! Please understand, I worked HARD that first week and I was extremely dedicated! The difference between quick results and delayed results was the level of my determination to lose weight in a given time.

It’s IMPORTANT to know:

Everything may not work for everyone! The detox teas, the many different diets, the smoothies, all the different work out programs and even buying expensive workout clothing didn’t help me lose weight. It is very easy for someone to promote a product that will help you lose weight but won’t explain how to be successful at it! For me specifically, I had to acquire three things first before losing weight and those three things were all “MENTAL.” Once I accepted I was unhealthy and I needed to change my life, I gained a determination to make it happen! Once I was determined to live a healthier lifestyle, I became consistent with my diet along with a workout plan.

How I Lost Over 150 Pounds

I finally found a diet that I really enjoyed! That diet is the Keto diet. Starting out, I was very strict with my diet and made sure I was not over eating carbohydrates. Along with the keto diet, I was doing cardio exercises 5 days a week! My first week of the keto diet and cardio workouts helped me get rid of 15 pounds in 7 days. However, now that I lost so much weight, I can only DREAM of losing another 15 pounds in a week. There are many different factors that can also hinder a person from losing weight which is why you have to find what works for you! I can attest to this, when I was heavier and had more weight to loose, I lost more weight in shorter periods of time than I do now. Now that I am fit, my goal has changed from losing weight to building and sustaining muscle.

The TRUTH is:

Losing weight became easy for me over time! With anything, you have to be CONSISTENT! Just think about it; if you stick to a healthy diet and workout plan for a week without cheating yourself, you would lose weight quicker than you would if you didn’t stick to a healthy diet and workout plan. I’ve searched for a “quick fix” for years before I realized I had to just start living healthy. If you want a change, give yourself at least 8 weeks of clean eating and exercising. At the end of those 8 weeks, you’ll probably amaze yourself if you haven’t cheated yourself or made decisions that may have hindered the success of your weight loss.

Accept that healthy weight loss is associated with a healthy lifestyle. Become determined to lose weight and be consistent with your diet and workout plan. Anything is possible if you KEEP GOING!

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