Throughout my weight loss journey, I have had my fair share of different foods. I experienced many types of belly fat burning foods. Some foods were great and some not so great. However, I consider myself to be very in tuned with my body. As well as that, I keep health worthy foods in my kitchen. In addition, foods that taste good. I have created a list of my top 5 belly fat burning foods. These food choices have really proved to be great choices in my diet. Whether I am working out, on the go or just relaxing, the following foods have kept my body not only in shape but energized as well. The great things about my top 5 belly fat burning foods are the fact that they do not cause bloat or discomfort.

Apples as a fat burning food

Once upon a time, I disliked apples. I love apples now. Apples are truly one of my go-to belly fat burning foods and they are very convenient and easy to travel with. Apples have lots of antioxidants and are great for digestion. In regards to digestive regularity, apples are a great source for its fiber. When I want a morning or afternoon snack, I always choose an apple. I do not eat apples after or before a workout. Protein is essential for my workouts and apples do not contain protein. However, for a quick snack that wont make me feel bloated and that will keep my belly in a healthy state, I choose apples.

Yogurt as a belly fat burning food

My next favorite belly fat burning food is yogurt. Coincidentally, I often eat my apples with my yogurt. Unlike apples, yogurt is one of those snacks that are great after a workout because its packed with protein. In addition, yogurt is also very convenient on the go. While I have rid majority of the weight I wanted to lose, my main focus is weight management in which yogurt helps me with. Without a doubt, not only is yogurt a great source of protein but its also a great source of probiotics. Above all, I feel content without the bloat and worries of unnecessary fat when I eat yogurt. Yogurt is one of my top 5 belly fat burning foods.

Avocados as a fat burning food

Undoubtedly, I have added avocados to my diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avocados contains “good” fat that is great for the keto diet. The good fat found in avocados is monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fat in a diet assist with staying lean in the waistline, according to researchers. Before, I was not a fan of avocados but soon grew a love for them. Lots of minerals and nutrients are found in avocados. In addition, I fill fuller for a longer period of time when I add avocados to my breakfast, lunch and dinner making it another top 5 belly fat burning food for me.

Eggs as a belly fat burning food

I do not eat eggs often; however, when I am on a binge workout routine alone with a strict diet, I eat eggs a lot. Moreover, I drink a lot of water with eggs and anything else I eat. Nutrients and minerals are found in eggs making eggs a great option in my diet. Eggs are also high in cholesterol which is the reason I do not eat them often. Nevertheless, eggs are a great source of protein an amino acids which is why I choose eggs during my binge workout routines. Eggs also aid in weight loss because they keep me full without the bloat.

Fish as a fat burning food

Firstly, fish does not cause me to pick up pounds. Instead, it provides a good source of a omega-3 fatty acids which have many great benefits. In addition, fish is one of the healthiest foods I have chosen to add to my diet. Furthermore, I sleep better when I eat fish. Fish is very easy to prepare and is very delicious. Fish aids in weight loss by providing the body with the added minerals and nutrients needed. When I want to lose more than 10 pounds in any given time, I increase my fish intake. At this time, one of my top 5 belly fat burning foods is fish.

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