Holidays – “To Dig In” or “To Not Dig In”

The Beginning of My “Healthy” Mindset

Beginning at a weight of over 350 pounds, the only thing on my mind was to lose all those extra pounds. I became consistent and determined. There was nothing that could knock me off of my routines. I knew I had to stay away from the foods I once ate that contributed to my weight. I stopped indulging in holiday dinners with a fear of gaining my weight back.

Before My “Healthy” Mindset Came Into Affect

During the holiday season, my family often cook very large dinners because we have a very large family. I remember once eating so much that it made me sick. I would constantly eat without actually “thinking” about how much I was eating. In addition, I would eat more just to say I was able to try every dish! You can say I had no conscious of my diet and of how much I was eating.

When My Holidays Became Torture

I focused so much on the scale that I started to dislike holidays. Every pound the scale showed I gained, I felt more and more like I was failing myself. I began meal prepping and cooking everything I was going to eat for the week ahead. I sat around my family during the holidays as they devoured that good ol’ holiday food pretending to have a good time. All I could think of was tasting just a little bit of that macaroni and cheese or that dressing. However, I knew I could never give in.

The Reality of My Holidays NOW!

I now eat holiday dinners! Over the course of my journey, I’ve come to realize a lot of things are “mental.” In the beginning, my mentality was, “if I eat this one large plate, all my weight will come back.” My mentality now is, “this one large plate will not ruin my years of clean eating and exercising!” Please note that this is very TRUE! I’ve learned that our body’s weight fluctuate throughout the day from the foods we eat and what we drink. So yes, although I eat fairly unhealthy on a holiday, the following day is back to my clean eating and my exercising routine. Everything needs time to adjust. Once I got back into the habit of eating healthy, it was not long before my weight and body normalized. It was at this moment I realized this is a lifestyle, not a diet.

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