“Carrot Juice” – Why I love this stuff !

My History With Carrots

Growing up as a child, I was always chubby. I often ate a lot of junk food because eating healthy and staying active was not a priority in my household. As a teen going through middle and high school, my mom eventually tried to enforce a healthier lifestyle for me. It wasn’t long before I graduated from high school, started working and started eating 3x as much as I did before. Not only was I overweight, but I was unhealthy and my skin was terrible. When I incorporated a healthier lifestyle, I bought myself a juicer and started juicing one vegetable in particular, CARROTS! Despite the countless benefits of carrots, I am going to outline the benefits I noticed in myself when juicing and drinking raw, organic carrots!

Hyperpigmentation On My Face

I’ve struggled with acne for years and as a result, my face was left with a lot of dark spots where pimples once were. Carrot juice is known for it’s beta-carotene and vitamin C properties. Both properties assist in the healing process of the skin. When I started drinking carrot juice, within three weeks, my hyperpigmentation started to improve. Not only did I start having a more even skin tone but I experienced less acne breakouts.

My Primary Care Physician Discontinued My Blood Pressure Medication

Although I am aware obesity can contribute to high blood pressure, it wasn’t until I started drinking carrot juice that my blood pressure decreased. I struggled with hypertension for over 5 years before I started living a healthier lifestyle. Even after losing my first 80 pounds, I still struggled with hypertension. Carrot juice was actually recommended to me by a man I met in a drug store. It wasn’t until I made the small change of drinking a glass of carrot juice every morning that I noticed my blood pressure started to normalize. Overtime, my primary care physician discontinued my blood pressure medication because I no longer suffered from hypertension. Please understand, I am not saying carrot juice cured my hypertension but it definitely was a key factor in normalizing my blood pressure along with my healthy lifestyle.

A Boost In My Immune System

While drinking carrot juice, I stopped getting sick with colds and the flu as often. There were times when I was in a house full of people whom were sick with a cold in which I didn’t catch. In addition, during flu season, I felt symptoms of the flu which lasted about two days and all was good after that. Colds and/or the flu can stick around for weeks at a time but for me, symptoms may last a day or two or not at all. Carrots help your body fight inflammation, cell damage and free radicals as carrots are full of antioxidants. Furthermore, the Vitamin C in carrot juice is beneficial for helping you get through the cold or flu sickness.


Carrot juice should be consumed in moderation. The beta-carotene found in carrots (the vitamin that gives carrots their orange color) has the potential to change your skin color orange or give you a yellow tint if you over consume. Please consult with your doctor if you have concerns about carrot juice and its benefits or side effects.

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